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Today’s Gender of the Day: A Tiny Frog

"I’m travel sized for your convenience! If I was my real size, your cow here would die of fright. Down, Bessie! My powers are beyond your mortal imagination. For instance, my eyes can see straight through your armour—OW! All right, that’s it! Dishonour! Dishonour on your whole family!  Make a note of this—dishonour on you, dishonour on your cow, dis—”


q’d feel free to delete x


rap’s not really my thing but when classic rock fans shit on it cos it “is only about sex and drugs”
have you ever listened to classic rock

I’ll show the most incredible sight you’ve never seen before.


poor little first year

rei and nagisa are the new team parents

Myungsoo + B&W (pepsi cf) // requested by mahcaakes