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hi hehe

a happy & high yuzu shall be treasured forever ヾ(*⌒ヮ⌒*)ゞ 

this is how you make yuzu laugh: by acting even cuter than him


Yuzuru Hanyu - before and after winning gold in Sochi [x] [y]

rainbow ice cream


patrick-yuzuru-you (oc/tracy!)

requested by bae 

in which there are secret obsessions and silly boys and many, many ice cream flavours.

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puppy yuzu looking for you! ;u;

continued: 18/∞ gifs of yuzuru hanyu ♡

animal crackers


baby yuzuru - baby you (oc/tracy!)

requested by bae 

Preschool is the only place no one will laugh at you for having lunch dates at the animal cracker table.

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Yuzuru’s on-ice killer smile ;) in slow motion

calypso [prologue]


prologue: strangers

yuzuru - you 

in which fate enjoys cyclical structures a little too much, takes pleasure in robbing your existence of meaning.

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Why are you so cute for?? 

last and first time i’m making a 3d gif

Yuzuru’s English 結弦の英語 


so suave as he turns and fixes his collar and - wHOA

128-131/∞ gifs of yuzuru hanyu 


How precious, back in 2012 when Yuzu just started working with Coach Orser 

Always thoughtful Yixing